Pragmatic Embedded Linux



Prebuilt Images for the Inforce Computing IFC6410

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Prebuilt images are provided below of the filesystem generated when using the device-ifc6410 root package. The system specified by this root package and its dependencies is a reference design. Use it to "kick the tires" of Pragmatux, test that the hardware is operational, and verify that your image-loading tools work.

Prebuilt images are of limited value once you embark on a real project, when you'll want to generate your own customized filesystems and compile and package your own software. That's why the quick-start guide doesn't give you prebuilt images, but rather sets up a development workstation with the Pragmatux SDK and has you build these images for yourself. It's only a small step from building the reference design to building custom designs specified by your own device-myproject root package.


These images are loaded into Flash using a fastboot client as described in the IFC6410 Quick-Start Guide. A client is provided in the Pragmatux SDK. To load these images without using the Pragmatux SDK, you'll need to obtain a fastboot client on your own.