Pragmatic Embedded Linux

A full-strength Linux distribution for embedded systems

An Embedded Linux Distribution

Why should desktops and servers have all the fun? Embedded systems that run Linux also need robust software, development tools, and configuration management. Pragmatux adopts and extends Debian's core infrastructure and techniques, and uses them across a broad range of target devices. Recompiling the whole world just to make changes to a filesystem image never made sense in a workstation environment—and it doesn't make sense in embedded work, either.

Production-Grade Workflow

With Pragmatux, any Debian-based workstation is just two commands away from being a fully-capable embedded Linux development workstation. A third command creates an entire target device filesystem, in seconds. Both environments are fully package-managed, giving you fine-grained control of both content and configuration even after product deployment: developer workstations can be centrally-managed if desired, and target devices can "phone home" in a variety of ways for software package updates. And the tools we use are the very same ones used by Debian itself, so you are always compatible and up-to-date with the latest community developments.

Coming Soon

After proving the concept in over four years of active commercial product development, the Pragmatux project is releasing the Pragmatux operating system to the greater embedded Linux community. Pragmatux is not "beta", and the core assets are already available to the public (and have been for more than a year). Watch this space in the coming days for finished versions of internal documents, case studies, blog posts, mailing lists, and tutorials describing how to set up, use, and adapt Pragmatux for your needs and devices. Pragmatux brings the platform—so you can focus on the problem.

Beagleboard C/D Quick Start Posted

Instructions for setting up Pragmatux on the Beagleboard (revision C or later) have been posted: the Quick-Start Guide for Beagleboard™ C/D walks you through setup of a Pragmatux Workstation, and getting to a command prompt on the Beagleboard as a Pragmatux Device.

Documentation Posted

A first document has been posted: the Quick-Start Guide for DragonBoard™ 8060, which walks through setup of a workstation and getting first light on the DragonBoard, the first publicly-available Pragmatux target.

Join the Mailing List

Join the discussion among Pragmatux users and developers at the pragmatux-users mailing list. A separate, low-volume pragmatux-announce mailing list receives only announcements of releases and community events.